What Makes our videos Superior?

We have been in this industry for years and have acquired extensive experience, when it comes to film and video production . One of the most important requirements for every successful video is the ability to paint the picture of your brand in the mind of your target audience. In other words, you want to provide the needed solution to your clients problems.

The second reason is that our videos are highly engaging and interactive. We will ensure that your target audience understands its content and takes action when necessary. Without an engaging video, your business may not acquire enough traffic.

Of course, a good and high-quality video must align with the story of your brand before desired results can be achieved. With our never-fail story-telling strategies, you can be rest assured that your video will meet such standards. It could be short or long videos, story-telling videos, funny videos, product review videos, or testimonial videos. We are a film and video production company that is committed towards meeting your requirements.

Haris Fazlic

AUS / Producer

Just like every other professional and genuine film production house or company, West Melbourne Studios has its own story. It has been brought into existence by the highly skillful and creative Haris Fazlic. After graduating with a Masters of Producing from the prestigious ‘Victorian College of The Arts‘, he decided to start West Melbourne studios, a fellowship that is committed towards helping local businesses get results from their videos. Haris is extremely passionate in assisting companies to succeed in their ecommerce endeavors. He has proven to be a vastly experienced content creator.

Haris is also an Australian representative at the first ever ‘Youth Olympic Games’ in Singapore, Pan Pacific Freestyle and Greco-Roman Champion, and National Freestyle and Greco-Roman Champion. Over the years, Haris has always believed in standing out from the crowd through hard work, commitment and creativity. In the same vein, he wants ecommerce businesses to succeed regardless of any niche they find themselves in.

Our impressive portfolio

The success story of every serious film production company starts from the amount of value it’s been able to create. This is one of the reasons why – West Melbourne Studios should be producing your videos Today. We’ve produced various types of projects for companies in the past with positive reviews. Our approach for creating videos is highly targeted and unique. 

Some of the projects that we’ve handled in the past are feature films, short films, television, commercials, review videos, music videos, corporate and promotional media, and concealed videos for law firms. We have managed to build a solid reputation for delivering nothing but the best for our clients. This means you will get nothing short of such after hiring our services. Imagine a pre-eminent producer handling your project. 

Based on the above, it’s quite obvious that we are the right Film and Video Production Company that can accommodate your needs. Feel free to contact us Today or book a free video production consultation for more information regarding our video production services.