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Production Support FAQ

What is a good price for a videographer?

A good price will depend on the requirements of the project.

Is it worth getting a videographer?

Is it worth hiring a mechanic?.

Why is videography so expensive?

There are many variables - time planning in preparation for the shoot, public liability and equipment insurance, possible hire of equipment and facilities, hands on set and hours spent editing.

How do I find a good Videographer?

There are hundreds of Videographers in Melbourne - that are all capable of fulfilling the tasks of a Videographer. Do some research and try to spot a videographer that is transparent and genuinely loves collaborating with others. Great communication is the key to any collaboration.

How Much Should I Pay a Videographer?

Always keep within your budget. If you do want to engage with the services of a videographer understand that prices vary depending on the requirements of the project.